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Torch L6RTC Spark Plug fits Champion RCJ8Y NGK BPMR6A Stens 131-051 (2 Pack)

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Stens 131-051 Spark Plug Torch L6RTC

Brand: Torch, Distributed by Stens
Condition: New
Pack Size: 2

Stens 131-051 Spark Plug Torch L6RTC

Replaces OEM:
Torch L6RTC, Champion RCJ8Y, NGK BPMR6A


  • Ceramic insulator provides better insulation/heat dissipation
  • heat shock resistance and mechanic performance
  • Packaging Type: OEM package
  • Larger space between insulator nose and shell reduces fouling and misfiring
  • Plug Type: Resistor

Additional Info:
Interchangeable with 130-079 Spark Plug 130-079 Spark Plug, Interchangeable with 130-815 Spark Plug 130-815 Spark Plug

Cross Brands: Oregon 77-319-1, JThomas L6RTC, NHC 268-0051, Oregon 77-319