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Torch F5RTC Spark Plug fits Champion RN11YC4 NGK BPR5ES Cub Cadet 951-14437

Torch F5RTC Spark Plug fits Champion RN11YC4 NGK BPR5ES Cub Cadet 951-14437

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Torch F5RTC Spark Plug

Brand: Stens
Condition: New
Pack Size: 1 ea

Stens 131-043 Spark Plug Torch F5RTC

Replaces OEM:

AC Delco CR44NS, R42XLSM, R44NS, R44XLS, R44XLSE, R44XLSM, R45NS, R45XLS
Autolite 2585, 3205, 3206, 3207, 4265, 65, 66, 935, 945
Beru 14-8LUR, 14R-9DU, Z3, Z8, Z82
Brisk LR17YC
Champion 322, 404, 8405, N13L, N14LY, N8L
Champion OE004/R04, OE004/T10, OE006/R04, OE006/T10, OE042, OE042/T10, OE045/T10, OE051/T10, OE156/T10
Champion ON11Y, ON12Y, R44CXLS, RN11Y, RN11YC, RN11YC4, RN11YCC
Champion RN12Y, RN12YC, RN12YCC, RN13L, RN13LYC, RN14LY, RN14Y, RN8L, RN9YC, RN9YCC
Daihatsu 90048-51048-000, 90048-51114-000
Denso IW16, J16CR-U, VW16, W14EXR-U, W16EPR-U, W16EXR-U, W16TT
Harley Davidson 5RL
Motorcraft AGS52CF4
NGK BPR5ES, V-line-6

Fits Models:


  • Larger space between insulator nose and shell reduces fouling and misfiring
  • Boxed individually
  • Ceramic insulator provides better insulation/heat dissipation
  • heat shock resistance and mechanic performance
  • Order 10 for complete carton
  • Packaging Type: OEM package
  • Plug Type: Resistor
  • Additional Info:
    Interchangeable with 130-930 Spark Plug 130-930 Spark Plug, Interchangeable with 130-208 Carded Spark Plug 130-208 Carded Spark Plug, Interchangeable with 130-595 Spark Plug 130-595 Spark Plug

    Cross Brands:
    Oregon 77-314-1,
    JThomas F5RTC,
    NHC 268-5539,
    GHS 4547,
    Central Spares-UK 39226